The STATMed Class is a live ten-day course that teaches medical students (and other medical professionals) how to study, maximize time, and get better results on boards-style tests. Mastering study, timing, and testing methodologies can be the difference between failure and success for our students. As we like to say, "No one teaches smart students how to study medicine." The STATMed Class solves this under-appreciated issue!

STATMed Class students are usually medical students who have failed classroom or board exams (USMLE or COMLEX 1 & 2), medical students who want to improve proactively, aspiring medical students and medical school applicants, and other medical professional students with similar profiles in the classroom years or on board exams: biomedical science, Pharm D, veterinarian, physical therapy, etc.

The STATMed Class is offered in two formats.  The live, in-person class costs $2600 per student, and the live online class costs $3000 per student. Class sizes are small (In-person classes are usually between 8-14 students, and online classes are usually between 4-8 students). For more information about the STATMed Class, please contact us or read more here.


The STATMed Boards Workshop is an online workshop that teaches each client an explicit, step-by-step process for reading and analyzing medical boards questions. You will identify where your old strategies have fallen short or led you astray by using an immediate feedback model to reinforce new, more effective test-taking habits. The workshop includes live lectures, one-on-one feedback, and explicit training tools that teach you how to train autonomously to master the STATMed process and be ready to pass your exam on test day.

The two versions of the STATMed Boards Workshop are:

  • The STATMed Boards Workshop for Students This version of the Boards Workshop is for students and addresses the USMLE Steps 1 and 2, COMLEX Levels 1 and 2, shelf exams, NAPLEX, AMPLE, and other related exams.

  • The STATMed Boards Workshop for Doctors This version of the Boards Workshop includes USMLE Step 3, COMLEX Level 3, residency in-service exams, all specialty boards (Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, OB/GYN, Anesthesia, etc.), and other related or equivalent exams.


STATMed can custom-design services for your school or residency program. These modified services might include: on-site STATMed Classes, on-site STATMed Boards Workshops, speaking engagements for activities such as orientation or faculty development, promotional presentations to explain how STATMed can help an institution’s students, presenting at board review programs, among others opportunities. For more information about STATMed's additional services, please contact us or read more here.