Thoughts on Study Systems in Medical School

June 03 2015 | by By Dr. MJ

“Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets.” – Paul Batalden MD

Dr. Paul Batalden is an expert in health care quality improvement and years ago I came upon this quote of his. When I was in the middle of The STAT program summer course, the quote came back to me and resonated with me in a new way.

During my first year of medical school, my grades were either failing or barely passing, even with hours upon hours of studying. But I realized that the way my study system was designed, I was always going to get those poor results. That was how my system was designed. If I wanted to really improve, it was not going to happen by just tweaking my study system – I had to completely change my study system to one that was designed to help me learn the material better. That was why I needed The STAT program. By myself, I could not accomplish that change, but with the program’s help, I could.

Dr MJ is a recent graduate of an eastern US allopathic medical school who was helped by The STAT program. She is now a psychiatry resident in the Midwest. Feel free to contact her at [email protected].