Introducing Dr. MJ: A STAT Graduate and Medical Resident

June 01 2015 | by By Dr. MJ

I am really excited to be part of this blog. To introduce myself, I am a formerly struggling medical student who is now starting residency. If you had told me before I started med school that I would have such a rocky academic start, I would not have believed you. And if you told me during my first year of med school that I would actually survive and match with my first choice for residency, I really would not have believed you. But thanks to The STAT program, I did survive. It wasn't always pretty, but ultimately, I became a physician and am really looking forward to the next steps in my career and in my life.

More than anything else, my goal with this blog is to give a voice to what it is like to struggle in med school and to help create a place for people in a similar situation to share and support each other. For me, the experience was so isolating - I did not know where to turn and certainly did not want to confide in my fellow classmates. There did not appear to be any place where I could find people in the same position as me. So I hope that at least some of my words and experiences will resonate with you. I will obviously share how the STAT program helped me, but I want to also discuss other aspects of struggling in medical school as well. I also want to discuss how to fight back, how to rebuild yourself esteem and regain your equilibrium. I will also post links to interesting and applicable articles that I find. Of equal importance, I really welcome your thoughts and your experiences.

Looking forward to starting this conversation.

Dr MJ is a recent graduate of an eastern US allopathic medical school who was helped by The STAT program. She is now a psychiatry resident in the Midwest. Feel free to contact her at [email protected].